We have been searching for a way to easily recycle water from the kitchen. A grey water system is on our wishlist, but in the meantime a bucket with drip irrigation will do the trick. We decided to try this with our row of vegetables growing in strawbales. It took 3 trips to the store […]

When I was a kid, television and commercials taught me ONE important lesson… Bugs were bad and when I saw them I was to immediately run for a can of Raid to dispatch of the creepy critters.  As I grew up, I started to figure things out on my own.  When I lived in Hawaii, […]

We have the start to a butterfly garden in the front yard with lantana, milkweed and aster. I upcycled a jar lid and mod podged a sticker that I designed to create a welcome sign. (Because they can read and all…) There were several butterflies fluttering around – maybe next time I can wait long […]

Tomatillo salsa is a staple in our home, but I’m kind of particular about the flavor. I think that I have tried every tomatillo salsa across the state of Texas. While I do have some favorites, I wanted to try and make some at home.  I used this recipe from Ball® as a starter and […]

When Peaceful Belly Farm in Hailey, Idaho decided they wanted to offer their customers a plant sale, they pulled all the stops and dropped the beet, er BEAT on ’em!  If you’re going to be in Hailey, Idaho (Red Door Design House on the corner of Bullian and River) on May 31 from 10 am until 5pm, […]

This happened a few years ago in the Spring. My neighbor and I were in the front yard hanging out with our kids when we noticed the baby birds were peeking out from the top of their birdhouse. My daughter was 7 years old when she received this birdhouse as a gift and lovingly painted […]