FREE Printables – Canning Jar Label for Tomatillo Salsa

Photo of tomatillo salsa, custom labels linking to printables to download.

Tomatillo salsa is a staple in our home, but I’m kind of particular about the flavor. I think that I have tried every tomatillo salsa across the state of Texas. While I do have some favorites, I wanted to try and make some at home.  I used this recipe from Ball® as a starter and it turned out really great. I’m going to add some jalapeno or serrano to the next batch. In the meantime, I created these free printables canning jar labels to share. Happy canning!

Two options:

    1. Download the full page of 2″ artwork and print at home on Avery label paper (use the full sheet labels, not the pre-cut labels because the art is extended a little beyond the 2″ mark to allow for error when trimming). From there, you can trim with scissors or use any circle cutting tool. I used the Ek tools Scissor Pro Circle Cutter. I placed some small tick marks on the PDF to help line it up.

  1. Download the JPG 3″ artwork and place into your own template.

 Click on the images below to download the high resolution files:


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